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Thank you for volunteering with the Carmel Dads' Club. If you have volunteered before you can enter your username and password by clicking "Register Now". If you do not know your password try your last name as your password and if this does not work call the office for assistance 846-1663.


 Carmel Dads' Club is organized and run entirely by volunteers from the participants of each sport.   We have 12,000 athletes that participate each year in various sports and our volunteer base is about 2000 volunteers.  We need each family to share in the experience.


  • Each family is required to volunteer for a 2-hour shift per season  (**note if you are member of a travel team, you will have an additional concessions requirement for the season - please check with your travel commissioner)
  • You may volunteer at any venue.
  • You may change your shift no later than 48 hours prior to your assigned shift.   Log onto the site and make changes. 
  • Failure to show for your scheduled shift, will result in being invoiced $50.00 or your child's registration will be charged an additional $50.00. Failure to pay the invoice will require CDC to hold all future sport registrations until the invoice is paid.
  • Sport Commissioners & Head Coaches are exempt from concession assignments.
  • If you choose during the registration process not to work a 2-hour shift, you may contact the Carmel Dads' Club office and include the $25.00 fee to exclude yourself from the volunteer requirement.
  • If registering with CDC online, and now choose to not sign up for a time, you may change your concession volunteer option on the sign-up screen and you will be charged the $25.00 fee upon checkout.
  • After the registration period ends, we are not able to accept the $25.00 in lieu of working a schedule shift.   Please make necessary changes to your volunteer time or find a replacement worker.
  • Concessions shifts must be worked during the sport season.   If you are signing up for a Fall '09 sport, then you are required to work during the Fall '09 sport season.   We cannot give credit for shift worked outside of the sport season.

Fall Sports Season participation = shifts available Aug - Nov

Spring Sports Season participation = shifts available April - June

Winter Sports Season participation = shifts available Oct -Feb

If you indicated you would volunteer for concessions and fail to sign up for a time on this site during your registration; your child(ren) sport registration will not be complete or processed.

Any questions, please contact the Carmel Dads' Club office at 317-846-1663.



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